Philosophy of Life podcast

Below is the index of episodes of the Philosophy as a Way of Life podcast. Each episode is about one hour long and features a conversation between yours truly and my colleague Rob Colter, of the University of Wyoming. Sometimes we have a guest. We discuss all aspects of what it means to live philosophically. […]

Musonius Rufus' Lectures & Sayings

A series of short audio meditations on the Lectures & Sayings of Musonius Rufus, Epictetus’ teacher. Lectures I.1: Musonius Rufus reminds us of the difference between useful philosophy and dull mind games. I.6: Musonius Rufus says that philosophers should speak clearly, and most of all should live the way they talk. II.4: Musonius Rufus says […]

Seneca's Letters to Lucilius

A series of short audio meditations on Seneca’s Letters to his friend Lucilius. I.1: This could be the last day of your life. Are you going to waste it by binging on a mediocre television show? I.2 & I.3: Seneca tells us that time is a precious commodity, and one that, once loaned, can never […]

Favorite essays & videos

Below is a partial list of some of my favorite essays and videos that I have authored or participated in on behalf of external platforms (i.e., not my own site or publication). I think they may be worth reading or watching. Most recent entries at the top within each group. Practical Philosophy General Philosophy Videos […]

Morning Meditations

Below is a series of links to pages containing up-to-date lists of episodes of my podcast, Stoic Meditations. Each episode is only a few minutes long, begins with a quote from one of the ancient Stoics, or allied philosophers like Cicero, and ends with some reflections on the meaning of the quote in the context […]


Here is the complete index of my ongoing series of essays under the heading of “Philosophy as a Way of Life” (began in July 2018). There are four broad categories: Art of Living (i.e., practical philosophy), Good Reasoning (i.e., logic and critical thinking), How the World Works (i.e., science and metaphysics), and Books (both individual […]


(16) The Quest for Character: What the Story of Socrates and Alcibiades Teaches Us about Our Search for Good Leaders (Basic Books, 2022). Is good character something that can be taught? In 430 BCE, Socrates set out to teach the vain, power-seeking Athenian statesman Alcibiades how to be a good person – and failed spectacularly. […]