Suggested reading: Why being anti-science is now part of many rural Americans’ identity

by Monica Potts

By September 2021, the scientists and staffers at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had gathered enough data to know that the trees in its green-tree reservoirs — a type of hardwood wetland ecosystem — were dying. At Hurricane Lake, a wildlife management area of 17,000 acres, the level of severe illness and death in the timber population was up to 42 percent, especially for certain species of oak, according to a 2014 forest-health assessment. The future of another green-tree reservoir, Bayou Meto, more than 33,000 acres, would look the same if they didn’t act quickly. … (continue at FiveThirtyEight)


  1. Feeding this mistrust of science is now a major industry. And the technology is obvious and freely available – as I recall, most online disinformation about vaccine safety can be traced to a mere dozen sources

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